About Lorraine

Hello and welcome, my name is Lorraine. Thank you so much for dropping by and considering me as your MUA for your special day. 

I am a Toronto-based Professional Freelance Makeup Artist, Educator, and Beauty Specialist. I have nearly ten years of experience in the luxury designer makeup world as I work with the best of the best. I have been working closely with CHANEL beauty for the past four years of my career as a Beauty Stylist. My focus is on Bridal and Beauty makeup such as weddings, special events, fashion, shoots (photo & video), airbrush makeup, retail cosmetics, and private lessons.

I am not even sure of where to begin of how and where my passion for art came about. I am detailed oriented, creative, and self-motivated. As a young little girl in school, I have always scored the highest marks in art class. I have watched my mother applied her own makeup and was so enticed by it. As soon as grade eight graduation came around, I begged my mother to allow me to have makeup on for the night and little did I know, that was when I started exploring into different beauty looks and inspirations. Throughout my life in school, my family and friends had always reached out to me for makeup and beauty tips. Honestly, that was the time when I felt that I want to pursue my career in the beauty industry.

Establishing myself in the beauty industry. I have worked with renowned luxury brands and am continuously working with high range of cosmetics brands such as CHANEL, Dior, YSL, Tom Ford, NARS, Christian Louboutin, Charlotte Tilbury,  Cle de Peau, La Mer, and much more. I have gained knowledge and skills by supporting various events such as Beauty Pageants, Ryerson University Mars Chocolate Fashion Show, Motives Makeup Events, and collaborations with other MUAs, photographers, and fashion designers. I am very thankful that I have met such wonderful people who helped inspired me and allow me to further utilize my skills. As makeup and hair is a forever evolving art that I must continuously learn and grow with to better myself as an artist. For this reason, I am always educating myself, finding inspirations, and keeping up with current trends to better understanding my clients' need of those I work with to achieve the desired look.

I take great pride and joy of my work; I love seeing my clients happy. Providing the most luxurious mobile bridal and beauty services; making you look and feel beautiful inside and out by enhancing your natural beauty is my mission.